A CORD OF WOOD FOR $1,151.00 !?!?!

That’s what you’re paying at the retail stores when you buy boxed or shrink-wrapped wood.  Here are the stats:

CAL OAK FIREWOOD boxes contain 1c.f. of firewood.  The boxes contain 6-8 logs, including 2 or 3 rounds, of a variety of hardwoods and sold for $8.99 on sale at Safeway.  Buying a box of this firewood costs you:

$1,151.00  per cord (128 c.f.)
$   575.36  per 1/2 cord (64 c.f.)
$   287.68  per 1/4 cord (32 c.f.)

COAST FOREST PRODUCTS “Premium Seasoned Hardwoods” shrink-wrapped packages contain .65 c.f. of firewood, about 6 pieces – 3 split pieces and 3 small rounds- and sold for $5.49 on sale at Rite Aid.  Buying a package of this wood costs you:

$1,081.60  per cord (128 c.f.)
$   540.80  per 1/2 cord (64 c.f.)
$   270.40  per 1/4 cord (32 c.f.)

HOT WOOD “Super Jumbo” boxes contain 1.55 c.f. of firewood, about 10 pieces of mostly split hard and soft woods and a couple of pieces of kindling- and sold for $12.99 on sale at Lucky’s.  Buying a box of this wood costs you:

$1,072.64  per cord (128 c.f.)
$   536.32  per 1/2 cord (64 c.f.)
$   268.16  per 1/4 cord (32 c.f.)

COME TO OUR NOVATO YARD AND PICK UP ANY AMOUNT YOU NEED- ONE LOG, A TRUNK LOAD OR MORE.  That’s right ANY AMOUNT and we’ll load it into your vehicle.  Nero’s sells small amounts perfect for your budget, storage capacity, or need.  We have pre-measured racks that run $20 for 2.66 c.f. a small trunk load (small Yellow Rack), $35 for 5.33 c.f. for a full trunk load (large Yellow Rack), and $89 for 16 c.f. the economical small load which is 1/8 cord that will fit in almost any vehicle.

Nero’s minimum deliverable amount of a 1/4 cord to southern Marin is cheaper than the price of pre-packaged wood you pick up at retail stores.  See you soon!

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