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Nero’s Designer Firewood

RATED A+ by the Better Business Bureau Nero’s Firewood is the only BBB accredited firewood business in the San Francisco / North Bay area.

Nero’s Firewood is MARIN’S ONLY Firewood Lot

  • Nero’s Firewood has been supplying quality premium firewood since 1982
  • Delivery or pick-up ANY AMOUNT at our yard
  • One-day or same-day delivery
  • Stacking service available at an additional hourly rate


FROM APRIL 1st until JULY 31st – Due to warmer weather and low demand,
Nero’s has no regular business hours. Please contact us at 415-892-1480
to schedule a delivery or to pickup wood at our Novato yard.

Great Wood, Great Service

     We offer one-day (sometimes same-day) delivery service to Marin, San Francisco, and Southern Sonoma Counties (occasionally we deliver to the East Bay and the Peninsula as well).  If you wish, you may pick-up any amount of wood at our Novato yard and our staff will gladly load your vehicle while you wait.  We have wood for camping and kindling too.  During the season, we are open 7 days a week, closed only for major holidays.

     Nero’s Firewood supplies some 6000 customers, many of them repeat customers that have been with us for 35 years. We take great care to age and fully season our firewood so our customers burn only the best and cleanest firewood available, avoiding those wood species that contain nasty saps and oils that pollute the environment and clog your chimney.  For the Bay Area’s finest firewood experience, come visit us or call anytime.  We look forward to keeping you warm and toasty!

998 Rush Creek Place, Novato, CA 94945  

(415) 892-1480

San Francisco Bay Area Firewood Availability Update… Winter 2014-15

California has endured three years of drought which has affected the availability of firewood this season in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The drought will continue to affect availability until we have normal winters again

With less demand for firewood the past three years, less firewood is being cut, processed and seasoned.  The whole process from downing a tree, to the time of delivery to a customer’s driveway, can take 12 to 18 months.  If customer demand increases because of a “normal” winter, retailers such as Nero’s Firewood, won’t be able to procure enough firewood to meet the increased demand, leading to shortages and increased prices.

So the bottom line is….. be prepared.  Buy your wood early, and make sure you have enough wood to last a “normal ” winter.
And let’s hope for some rain.

No Burn Day Rules in the San Francisco Bay Area

When can you burn firewood?  The rules of “Spare the Air”  days confuse many people in the San Francisco Bay Area and the authorities (BAAQMD) are slow to point out the parameters of their “no burn days.”

Here are the rules… “Spare the Air” days can be called year round, but the ban on burning firewood is only in effect from November 1st through the end of February.
You can burn wood at any time for eight months out of the year, and burning is only restricted from November through February when a no burn day is called.

Of course, if you burn Nero’s fully seasoned, clean firewood, they wouldn’t have to call no burn days.  Because our wood combusts completely and is very well seasoned (unlike a lot of self cut “back yard” firewood or “Craig’s list” wood), Nero’s wood gives off the smallest carbon footprint possible. Our firewood is sourced in Northern California, unlike the majority of gas and electric brought in by PG&E by pipeline, trains, and ships.


We are currently undergoing regular maintenance and updates. Any questions, please call us at 415-892-1480


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