Delivery & Cancellation


Delivery and Yard Pickup

Nero’s delivers to Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco, Solano, Western Contra Costa and Northern Alameda counties.  We have standard delivery charges for all areas of Marin and most of San Francisco.  Otherwise, we charge for deliveries based on the cost of hand-stacking your order on our truck, the driver’s time, and the distance traveled from our yard to your home.  We try to break even on our deliveries; our profit comes from selling our wood.  If you live more than an hour or so away from Novato, the delivery charge can be considerable.  We recommend finding a friend or family member with a truck or renting a U-Haul trailer ($19.95 per day) and coming to pick up your firewood here in the yard- we measure and hand-stack the wood in your vehicle free of charge.  No appointment is necessary.  Just remember to bring a check or cash- we don’t accept debit or credit cards.

Cancellation Policy

Most customers don’t realize that we load their wood the day before it is scheduled for delivery.  Each order is unique and hand-stacked in the trucks so that the delivery route is efficient and economical with fuel prices so high.  Unlike a box of office supplies, we cannot throw an order of firewood “to the back of the truck” when an order is canceled after it has been loaded.

Although we get very few last minute cancellations, when one happens, it results in inconveniences for the customers whose orders are behind the one canceled because we either have to return to our yard and throw the wood back on the ground or maneuver around the tightly packed truck at every remaining stop.  We lose money and customers lose additional time awaiting an unnecessarily delayed delivery to their home.

We want to discourage last minute cancellations so this year anyone canceling an order within 24 hours of their scheduled delivery may be charged a minimum of $50.


• Yelp 5-Star Review 9/6/2014

This place is great and has a convenient location off 101 as you head north to your fun outdoor destination.  We were trying to get some hardwood on our way up to a camping trip and didn’t want to get ripped off at the campground. . .  The rates are a little pricier than you might find somewhere in the total boonies but they are still pretty reasonable…for really great hardwoods like almond, walnut and oak.  The service was very friendly too.   Steven H., San Francisco, CA


• Yelp 5-Star Review 3/12/2013

Seems like good hardwood, burns clean and hot.  I’ve bought 4-5 cords from them so far over the past few years.  They seem to have a regular Sunday morning delivery to SF and they’ve all been reliable.  Robert S., San Francisco, CA