No Burn Day Rules in the San Francisco Bay Area

When can you burn firewood?  The rules of “Spare the Air”  days confuse many people in the San Francisco Bay Area and the authorities (BAAQMD) are slow to point out the parameters of their “no burn days.”

Here are the rules… “Spare the Air” days can be called year round, but the ban on burning firewood is only in effect from November 1st through the end of February.
You can burn wood at any time for eight months out of the year, and burning is only restricted from November through February when a no burn day is called.

Of course, if you burn Nero’s fully seasoned, clean firewood, they wouldn’t have to call no burn days.  Because our wood combusts completely and is very well seasoned (unlike a lot of self cut “back yard” firewood or “Craig’s list” wood), Nero’s wood gives off the smallest carbon footprint possible. Our firewood is sourced in Northern California, unlike the majority of gas and electric brought in by PG&E by pipeline, trains, and ships.