Nero’s Firewood usually sells the following firewood species:

  • Oak – Blue, white, and mountain live oak. These are some of the longest burning of the 16 oaks available in CA
  • Walnut* – mostly English walnut from orchards.
  • Almond* – California almond from the Central Valley.
  • Pine – Digger pine only, virtually sap free.
  • Red Cedar – Aromatic, easy to start and sap-free.

* Nero’s walnut and almond firewood are harvested when these trees stop bearing their fruit.  These trees must be removed and the orchards replanted.  The use of these fruit woods as firewood completes their life cycle with virtually zero waste.


Most of our wood is cut in 16 inch lengths, but we carry  24 inch lengths as well.

A limited quantity of 12 inch oak and almond are now available!


We sell kiln-dried pine in large mesh and/or plastic bags.  Our customers love it!


You may purchase any amount at our Novato yard.  We have trunk loads starting at $20 and $35.  Our firewood is also sold in cord increments of  1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, etc.  You choose the amount that is right for you and we’ll gladly load it into your vehicle.  There is, however, a 1/4 cord minimum for deliveries.


We do not sell local or “garbage” woods.  Many of our local woods are sappy (Bishop and Monterey Pines) or oily (Eucalyptus and Bay or Pepper wood).  Those woods and other tree-trimmings are very dirty, bad for chimneys, and unhealthy for the environment.  Remember, all wood burns, but not all wood is firewood.

Nero’s Firewood does not sell local oaks because:

  1. transporting and burning of these oaks may spread SODS (Sudden Oak Death Syndrome) and
  2. they burn only half as long as the oak  species we import from hundreds of miles away.

Bag of KindlingLarge Yellow Racks

 1/8 Cord Racks


Yelp 5-Star Review 12/11/2013

I’m very happy with my experience with Nero’s.  I got a mix of hard woods (walnut, almond, oak), and it is great quality and well-seasoned.  The wood burns easily, clean, and hot,   I stacked the wood myself, and measured it when I was done out of curiosity – it was truly a cord, unlike some places.   . . . They were helpful and friendly on the phone, as was the delivery man. . . . You might find firewood a little cheaper elsewhere.  (like Craigslist), but the quality and service make Nero’s a good deal.  I’ll definitely buy from them again.  Bruce B., Sonoma, CA