San Francisco Bay Area Firewood Availability Update… Winter 2014-15

California has endured three years of drought which has affected the availability of firewood this season in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The drought will continue to affect availability until we have normal winters again

With less demand for firewood the past three years, less firewood is being cut, processed and seasoned.  The whole process from downing a tree, to the time of delivery to a customer’s driveway, can take 12 to 18 months.  If customer demand increases because of a “normal” winter, retailers such as Nero’s Firewood, won’t be able to procure enough firewood to meet the increased demand, leading to shortages and increased prices.

So the bottom line is….. be prepared.  Buy your wood early, and make sure you have enough wood to last a “normal ” winter.
And let’s hope for some rain.